Volterra and San Gimignano Tour

This tour is really fascinating because it touches two of the most beautiful villages in all of Tuscany: Volterra and San Gimignano. These two ancient medieval villages, despite their small size, attract thousands of visitors each year, ready to be captured by their beauty and the relaxing atmosphere that you can breath among their alleys.
Fortresses and walls, museums and ancient churches, stone towers and palaces of power, strolling through the streets of Volterra and San Gimignano. A tour with driver in Tuscany that will take you back in time… to the Middle Ages!

The wonders of Volterra

Given the beauty of these two towns, we recommend an early departure in the morning to get to Volterra. Volterra, that was one of the most important and powerful Etruscan settlements, is characterized by its remarkable architectural and artistic heritage. The old town center still preserves not only notable remains of the Etruscan period (such as Porta dell'Arco, the main gateway to Volterra; much of the town walls; the Acropolis, where there are the foundations of two temples; and several underground tombs), but also ruins that date back to the Roman period (such as the Theater) and fine medieval buildings, including the Cathedral and the Palazzo dei Priori. Volterra is also renowned for the alabaster processing and for its exquisite artistic handicraft, that can be admired in the workshops of the old town center. The tour continues to San Gimignano.

San Gimignano: “The Manhattan of the Middle Ages"

The tour will then continue to San Gimignano, with lunch followed by the visit of the town. The old town center of San Gimignano, still surrounded by the thirteenth-century town walls, is a very interesting monumental complex: in fact, it has preserved almost intact its medieval structure, characterized by several slender towers (originally seventy-two, only thirteen nowadays). For this reason, San Gimignano has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site and it is famous throughout the world not only for its towers, that have earned it the nickname of "Manhattan of the Middle Ages", but also for the many of its architectural works, as the beautiful Romanesque cathedral. But that's not all, San Gimignano is also the home of the famous Vernaccia, a very pleasant white wine. A tasting during the Tour is highly recommended.

Duration of the itinerary: 8/9 hours.

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