Brunello Wine Tour
(Montalcino area)

The auto-hire service with driver is the ideal solution to fully enjoy a Wine Tour in Montalcino, without the worry of having to drive. Our Wine Tour with driver in Montalcino will take you to the discovery of three different wineries of Brunello where you can taste excellent wines, visit the cellars and stop for lunch.
We suggest you to leave after breakfast from your accommodation. Our driver will wait for you in front of the structure to take you to the beautiful medieval town of Montalcino. Montalcino is famous worldwide for the production of Brunello wine, one of the finest red wines in the world.

Wine Tour with driver in the Brunello wine cellars in Montalcino

We suggest that you leave from your accommodation after breakfast, in order to reach the medieval town of Montalcino, that is famous all over the world for being the wine area where the "Brunello" wine (one of the most fine and renowned red wines) is produced.
We will then visit the first winery, where the knowledgeable staff in the winemaking process will guide you, with English explanations, to the discovery and the acquaintance with the extremely interesting world of the "Brunello" wine, which is made from 100% Sangiovese Grosso grape variety. We will then move on to reach the second winery: here, in addition to the wine tasting and the visit to the winery, you can stop for lunch, sitting at a table in a panoramic terrace overlooking the pristine landscapes of the Val d'Orcia (a Natural and Artistic Park, that is now part of the UNESCO Heritage). After lunch we will continue our itinerary moving on to a different side of the hill where the fortified town of Montalcino is perched, in order to reach the third and last winery. Here it will be possible to taste the "Brunello" wine made by the knowledgeable hands of a small winemaker, who has handed down to the new generations of his family the passion and the art that are necessary to make wine.

Duration of the itinerary: 8 hours.

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